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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your challenge today...
Using only Lego.... 
Build a fruit delivery vehicle!

At 6am every morning at our chool, Mr Leggett, our site manager transports fresh fruit around our school and delivers it to every classroom. This means that by the time our children arrive there is fresh bananas, apples, pears or other fruits to enjoy at break time. We are sure your school may very well do the same so you can enjoy fresh fruit.

Delivering all that fruit is a hard job for Mr Leggett. The fruit arrives in large boxes which then have to be transported to sterilised containers with the name of each classroom on them. Mr Leggett then has to carry them to each classroom around our site.

Your challenge today is to build Mr Leggett a new fruit delivery vehicle. It would have to be narrow enough to travel down a corridor and carry both the driver and stop the fruit from getting damaged as your new fruit delivery  vehicle moves around your school site. 

How will your vehicle keep the fruit chilled? 

What would it run on? Electricity? Pedal power? Solar power?

Where would the fruit be stored on the vehicle? 

What colour would the vehicle be?

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