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In this week's 'Lego All-Stars' we took a learning journey to meet the famous scientist, technologist, engineer & mathematician, Mr Isambard Kingdom Brunel.   
Brunel designed and built many famous buildings, bridges and tunnels that 200 years later are still in use today.
He wasn't only a builder. He used science to hold his structures up, mathematics to ensure every brick slotted into place and technology that is still in use today.. 
After hearing about his life and work, our All-Stars discussed one of the problems he faced when he built the Great Western Railway's 'Maidenhead Bridge'. 
We then recreated the exact problem out of Lego pieces and split into two teams. The task was to build the Maidenhead  Bridge, with the most points going to the winning team who were judged making the most progress on the bridge and whether their work was strong and level enough to make Brunel proud.
One thing is for sure.  Isambard Kingdom Brunel clearly knew how to 'Dream Believe Shine! And if you support Liverpool FC you would have certainly seen a piece of his work if you have visited 'The Kop' end of the stadium.  
Next week we will be meeting someone new with our Lego bricks.  Come back next week to find who.  
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How could Brunel build a railway bridge strong enough to carry iron steam engines, high enough so ships could pass underneath and the local authorities only allowing him one point in the middle of the river to hold the two massive arches together? 
The answer is Brunel used S.T.E.M. to build his Maidenhead Railway Bridge. 
Most people said it was going to fall down. But 200 years later his original brick towers still stand and every day they carry many trains between Paddington Station in London to Bristol 118 miles away. All thanks to the hard work & 200 year old mathematics  of  Mr Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 
Isambard Kingdom Brunel Copyright:  Getty Images. 
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