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A 360 degree, 24 hour indoor and outdoor CCTV system is fully operational at Dogsthorpe Infant School and our entire site is being watched 365 days a year via Jensen Security. 

Night-vision cameras protect ALL indoor & outdoor areas of our school. This includes classrooms, entrances and outside areas. New cameras (with sound) cover gates, roof, car park, playgrounds and field. The recording is stored off site and the headteacher and site manager can view cameras on their phone to immediately identify intruders. 

Please remember that as soon as you enter our site you are being recorded on CCTV. This is the case any time of day or night. The recording begins from the moment you leave the public road and also covers our grassed areas at the front and rear of school.

In the event of vandalism, burglary attempt or a 'Lockdown' incident the Police are informed immediately whether you hear the alarms sounding or not. We have remote-control security locks installed and anti-climb security paint on our gates, fences and roof for the police to easily identify intruders. 

All cameras are maintained by the security company we have employed for this service.  If Security spots a possible intruder or vandal on site Police officers will attend and our video evidence will be used in any prosecution. The Police have already arrested a group via this security. 

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