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Six things that every child learning at Dogsthorpe Infant School is expected to do.

  • Be responsible for their own learning both at school and at home.

  • Act responsibly towards themselves and other children in the school.

  • Behave in a positive way towards their own and other children's learning and behaviour.

  • Use the teaching resources and classroom equipment, safely, wisely and responsibly.

  • Be respectful and welcoming to other children, their teachers and our visitors.

  • Dream about what they might achieve, believe that they can achieve them and shine when they do.  

Six things every teacher and T.A. teaching at Dogsthorpe Infant School is expected to do.

  • Be fully committed to the success criteria of this school and its children's learning and progress.

  • Work hard to make every lesson as effective and as relevant to the curriculum, the child and the age of all those being taught.

  • Achieve the targets, standards and benchmarks set by the government, the head teacher, governing body and Senior Leadership Team.  

  • Use the technology and teaching resources that the school has provided to effectively speed the progress of every pupil in their class. 

  • Frequently monitor the progress of every pupil and use this information to adapt future teaching practice to meet the needs of that child.

  • Make every lesson and learning opportunity as fun, colourful, interactive and as engaging as possible for every pupil in the room. 

Six things every parent and carer of a child attending this school is expected to do

  • Ensure their child attends school every day and arrives promptly before the start of the school day.

  • Encourage their child to read, write and count outside of school hours to speed their learning and enable them to make good progress.

  • Attend the frequent opportunities offered by this school to learn ways in which to further build their child learning.

  • Form a working partnership with this school so that the best possible learning support is achieved both at school and in the home.

  • Teach and encourage their child to behave responsibly and safely both in school and in the local community.

  • Be committed to attending our special assemblies and school events to support and celebrate their child's success and progress.

Five things every senior manager, governor and administrator serving this school is expected to do.

  • Work responsibly and promptly to the duties to which they have been assigned.

  • Attend meetings regularly in order to effectively monitor and challenge teaching quality in this school.

  • Make themselves as accessible as possible to the parents and carers of the children attending this school.

  • Act responsibly in regard to the finance procedures & budget limitations of this school.

  • Seek out new ways to enhance classrooms and corridors to make the children's learning as effective as possible and use the very latest ICT teaching resources this school can afford. 

Welcome to Dogsthorpe Infant School where every child on roll is encouraged to Dream, Believe and Shine.

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