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Year 1 had a fantastic time at Forest School in Autumn 1. 

We have been super busy learning new skills in the outdoor environment.

We have been designing and making medals. We have learnt how to use a palm drill to make a hole in our medal for the string, we then added our own design to the medals using felt tip pens. The children showed such determination and perseverance when using the palm drills to make the hole in the medals as it was a little tricky!

The children worked with their class teacher to collect natural resources from around the Forest School area to create artwork inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy, they look amazing!

The children have been thinking about deciduous and evergreen trees so we had a look around the Outdoor environment by doing a Tree Identification activity, playing a game of leaf bingo and then going on a treasure hunt to find our 5 favourite items in and around the Forest School area.

To finish our Forest School sessions, we made a fire following the ‘Stay safe’ guidelines. We watched how the heat from the fire heated the oil in our pan to make the popping corn pop so we could enjoy yummy popcorn with some juice or water.

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