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In this week's 'Lego All-Stars' we took a learning journey back in time to meet the famous car builder, Henry Ford. 
Henry's parents were farmers but Henry only liked going to his father's barn to tinker with petrol engines. 
He built his own car in that barn and built it at that time when the only people who could afford their own car were rich people. Everyone else had to use horses or bicycles. 
Henry had a 'dream' to build cars that were not only for rich people to drive but cheap enough for the less rich to drive too. He 'believed' he could do it and worked hard to build his dream. 100 years later the name, 'Ford' still 'shines' in the world of car manufacturers today.
How many cars can you find where the name, 'FORD' shines on? 
Henry Ford  (photo taken in 1919).
Copyright:  Getty Images. 
The Model T Ford
Henry Ford built the very first mass-produced cars on his factory assembly line. 
His most famous car at that time was the Model T Ford.
This car, designed by Henry himself, first rolled off his assembly line in 1908. Twenty years later, he was still making them and Henry was at his factory in Michigan in 1927 to watch his 15th Millionth 'Model T Ford' drive away. 
Not a bad achievement from a farmer's boy who grew up to become one of America's greatest industrialists and the builder of a car that revolutionised the automobile world.
Our All-Stars then spent time being like Henry Ford and designed, built and road tested their own cars. 
One was like Henry's and came with its own 'convertible' roof. One was small and light like Henry's 'Model T' to keep the fuel costs down. Another was an ambulance, whilst another was a 'pick-up' truck. Very handy if one of Henry's cars needs a tow!  
What famous engineer will be looking at next week?  
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