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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...


Do you like Pizza?

The great thing about pizzas are that they can have all sorts of nice, yummy ingredients. They can contain meat or if you prefer just nice and healthy vegetables.

They can be made deliciously fruity or tangy hot. 

They can even be torn apart and shared with friends and dipped into different sauces to make nice party food. 

Have a look at the video on this page. 

Is it making you feel hungry?

DID YOU KNOW? The Margherita pizza is named after a queen of the same name who visited Naples in Italy over 150 years ago, She tried pizza and loved it so much that wherever she went in the world she told people to try it. Now, Pizzas are cooked and eaten all over the world. 
Your 40th LEGO challenge is to grab a Lego board and build yourself a Pizza. You can use all sorts of colours. Yellow for sweetcorn, green and red for peppers or tomatoes.... and white for onions. Just don't get too carried away and try to eat it because that would be dangerous. 
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