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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...


Whenever a game of football is played at Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC, thousands of people will walk past a flagpole and not realise its place in history. 

It was purchased 130 years ago by the football club to fly the Liverpool FC flag at matches. However it had a much more important job before it became a flagpole. 

It was the main mast of the biggest ship of its day, built by the greatest British engineer and mathematician that ever lived, His name: Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 

Brunel designed and built the ship and lived long enough to see it leave on its maiden voyage.

But what happened to the ship after that? 

See if you can find out!

Your LEGO challenge today (should you be brave enough to accept it) is to design and build a model of Brunel's ship ' SS GREAT EASTERN' or another ship out of LEGO. 
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