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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...


This week our home learning subjects are all based around THE SEASIDE. 

The seaside is an exciting place to explore, Whether we are on the beach with the sand between our toes searcing for shells or sea creatures... or on the pier hearing the sounds of the rides or the arcade games..... or smelling the doughnuts, candy floss or fish and chips, 

Maybe you prefer to sit on the beach and build sandcastles. Some are even lucky enough to enjoy a boat trip or go for a swim. 

Your LEGO challenge this week is to buildsomething that reminds you of the seaside. A boat, An arcade game. A water skier. A sandcastle. A crab. The choice is yours. Grab your lego and have a go, Don't forget to send a photo of your model to Mrs Waters and we'll feature it on the website. 
DID YOU KNOW? Although the Victorians thought the seaside was a healthy place to visit, our seaside towns were ae their most popular 70-80 years ago. In those days, before people could travel abroad, millions of people went to UK holiday camps at the seaside for their summer holidays.
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