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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...


This week Maddie and Greg in our Science video are talking about extreme explorers of the deserts. 

One great place to explore is the Great Pyramids. Amazing structures that only exists because of a piece of string with a stone at one end called a  'Plumb Bob'. 

In Maths we learn about shapes and The Great Pyramid is a fantastic shape and it has lasted hundreds of years. Do you know what a pyramid shape is? If you don't watch the video.

Your LEGO challenge this week is to build a giant pyramid. You can use Lego, Duplo or other materials but your model must be pyramid shape. 
GOOD LUCK! Don't forget to send us a photo or video of your model of the Great Pyramids of Giza. 
DID YOU KNOW? Each stone of the Great Pyramid weighs 2.5 tonnes and there are 2 million of these stones forming the pyramid. Each stone was put in place every 3 minutes and each pyramid took 14 years to build.  All built with mathematics, a piece of string and lots of hard work. 
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