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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your LEGO challenge (if you are brave enough to accept it) is to build something or someone found in a circus.  Don't forget to send us a photo of your model or a video of you explaining what you have built.

This week our Home Learning subjects are all based around 'The Circus'. 

The first circus was performed over 250 years ago when a man called Philip Astley held a show on a field called 'Ha'penny Hatch' which overlooked the River Thames in London. 

Now each circus around the world is a series of daring performances by acrobats, animal trainers and clowns. All taking place inside a circus big top. A huge round colourful tent with flags flying above it. Its height being high enough for the trapeze acts and large enough round for the animals to perform and for the jugglers to perform and for the clowns to throw custard pies at each other, 

Would you like to work in a circus?
What would you do?  Perform? Look after the horses? 
Help to build the circus big top?
Be the Ringmaster, a clown or the trapeze artist? 
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