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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your challenge today...
Using only Lego.... 
Build the Queen a new castle

Tuesday 21st April is a very special day for a very important  person. Someone is celebrating their 94th birthday.    Do you know who it is? 

Her Majesty The Queen is celebrating an incredible birthday that day having served Great Britain and and the Commonwealth nations as monarch for 68 years.


The Queen has had to endure many challenges over her long life, including the sudden death of her father at a young age and being Queen during some very difficult times. The present virus lockdown being one of the greatest.  

The Lockdown means she cannot see family and friends or have her birthday marked ceremoniously in any way this week. So to cheer her up we wondered if you can help her.

Using Lego, can you build the queen a new palace or castle for her birthday? Do be sure to let us see photos of your finished model. 

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