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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your challenge today...
Using only Lego.... 

Did you know that every weekday at 11am Maddie & Greg visit this website to teach us fantastic new things about the world? You can see them by clicking the 'Dogsthorpe Science Time' button on our Homepage every day from 11am. 

In the video (left) they talk about dinosaurs, when and where they lived, what they ate and how big they were. But... not all prehistoric animals should be called 'Dinosaurs.'


At Dogsthorpe Infant School we are lucky to have our Learning Journey bus that with the help of AR and VR headsets allows our pupils to explore prehistoric habitats and even come face to face with dinosaurs. Sometimes making them scream along the way.


Do you like dinosaurs? Do you have a favourite dinosaur? 

Is your dinosaur tall? Is your dinosaur short and fat with what look like big spines on its back?  

Want to build a brand-new dinosaur our of Lego?

Now's your chance. That is our LEGO Challenge today

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