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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your challenge today...
Using only Lego.... 
Build a spaceship to Mars.

All last week on our DOGSTHORPE SCIENCE TIME page every day we were learnt more and more about SPACE. On one day learned about the planet, Mars.  What it is like there. What colours we would see. What the weather is like. 

Would you like to be an astronaut that went to a far off planet deep into our solar system? 

Your vehicle couldn't be like the rockets to the moon because they would need to go much further and the journey would be much longer. 

Would your rocket have solar panels for its power? 

How big would the spaceship be? 

Would it have an 'exploration vehicle' so you could leave the rocket and explore the surface of planets? 

Suppose NASA asked you to design a rocket that could take you to Mars and beyond.... Could you do it?

Now's your chance!  Here is today's challenge!!!! 

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