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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your challenge today...
Using only Lego.... 
Build a new futuristic Submarine

There are huge submarines owned by many countries across the world. Some of the largest are owned by The United States and Russia.


However, Britain has its own fleet of submarines and yesterday a new submarine, HMS Audacious was launched for the first time. 


Submarines aren't new. In fact the first submarine was built hundreds of years ago. They were very basic then. But now they can produce their own oxygen and water and stay underwater for months. 

Many submarines have been used in stories, from 'The Hunt For Red October' to 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea'. Jules Verne wrote a story called '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea'. In that story a famous submarine had to fight off a giant octopus. 

Your Lego Challenge today is to build a new futuristic submarine. like Jules Verne's 'Nautilus' or 'The Seaview' (opposite) from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea. What will your new submarine look like? 

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