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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Using only Lego.... 
Build a brand new Hospital.

Did you know that each of our three Dogsthorpe Infant School Year 1 classes are named after famous nurses? 

The name of one of them, Florence Nightingale is being mentioned a lot on the news due to Coronavirus which is making us all stay at home to keep well. 

There are new hospitals being set up all around the U.K. and each one bears the name, 'Nightingale'. There is a giant hospital that can care for thousands of people not well at the moment. 

Whilst this is a worrying time for your family, all will be okay if we stay safe at home and wash our hands every 30 minutes or so. 

Do you remember to keep washing your hands?

If you are worried then just listen to the story of Dave the Dog in the video on this page. And whilst we wait for this virus to leave us alone so that we can all go out and play again, your challenge today is to build your own new hospital out of Lego.  Don't forget the places for ambulances to park and big doors and windows to allow for fresh air.  The nurse Florence Nightingale when she was alive said fresh air was important for good health too. 

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