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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your LEGO challenge today (should you be brave enough to accept it) is....
Using only Lego....  Build a brand new Thunderbird vehicle. 

55 years ago a man called Gerry Anderson was driving when over the radio he heard that some men were trapped in a cave and needed to be rescued. By the end of his journey he had come up with the idea for a new tv series about five fantastic vehicles that could rescue people from peril. 

The name of the organisation in his stories was 'International Rescue' and knowing their was a group of fast real aircraft in the USA called 'Thunderbirds' due to the noise they made in flight, he called his TV series Thunderbirds' and it became a worldwide tv sensation that instantly turned Gerry Anderson into a millionaire. 

Although Gerry Anderson has now sadly died, his tv Thunderbirds live on with even more exciting new series of Thunderbirds being shown around the world. 

But can you use your Lego to build a brand new Thunderbird vehicle for International Rescue? 

What can you new Thunderbird do or carry to rescue people trapped or in danger? 

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