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Year 2 have been super busy designing and making medals. We have used our SHINE Values by showing great confidence while using a bow saw to cut the wood and then fantastic determination to succeed in using the palm drill to create a hole in our medal for the string. We then used our imaginations to design our pictures for our medals, which we then drew onto our medals using felt tip pens.

The children have been learning about the ceramic artist Clarice Cliff, they have taken inspiration from her work to design plates, cups and bowls and then created them using clay.

The children have loved seeing Robbie the Robin during our Forest Schools sessions. They have shown great respect and care for the environment when carrying out an ‘I Spy’ Scavenger Hunt game by making sure they didn’t disturb the creatures living under the logs!

We finished our Forest Schools sessions by creating a fire so we could heat some popping corn to make popcorn to enjoy with juice or water.

We can’t wait to see what Year 2 get up to in their Spring 2 Forest Schools sessions!

                                                             Miss Stamper - Forest School Leader

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