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Year 1 have been making dream catchers by learning how to manipulate willow to make it into a circle and then use our fine motor skills to thread and join wool to create a web for all those lovely dreams to be caught!


This has been a little tricky as we have been tying lots of knots but the children have shown great perseverance and determination and succeeded in creating some amazing Dream Catchers.

The children have also been looking at the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy.  They have been using natural resources such as leaves and sticks to create their own artwork which has then been used as backdrops to design the most fabulous Christmas cards.


As you know, it’s the year of Reading at Dogsthorpe Infants so we have been reading stories at the end of each Forest School session!

The weather has been kind to us this half term and we have once again been able to make a fire to put our Kelly kettles on to have hot water to make yummy hot chocolate with a biscuit while enjoying a sing song!

A huge thanks to all the adults in Year 1 for helping me to make Forest Schools a unique learning opportunity for all our little stars.

                                                             Miss Stamper - Forest School Leader

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