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In this week's 'Lego All-Stars' we took a learning journey back in time to meet the rocket engineer, Doctor Robert Goddard. 
Goddard was one of the first men to design the Space Rocket and in particular to work on designs that would lead to the building of the Saturn Five rocket that took men to the moon. 
Having first learned about the Earth's gravitational pull and the reason why an enormous amount of fuel is needed to launch a space rocket, the All Stars then looked at the design of the Saturn 5 and its different sections. 
The All Stars then learned that only a very small part of the huge rocket made it to the Moon and was surprised that it landed by parachute and also that a class at Dogsthorpe Infants is named after its famous pilot, Neil Armstrong - the first person to walk on the Moon.  
The All Stars then built their own rockets. One was powered by a nuclear motor whilst the rest used the conventional rocket fuel. The winning rocket was one that was constructed in much the same way that the Saturn 5 worked. 
Sadly, just like Dr Robert Goddard's early rocket experiments, one of the All Stars rockets never made it off its launchpad and ended up in bits. But that's the fun of STEM and Education Lego.
What will we build next week?
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