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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your challenge today...
Using only Lego....    Build a Captain Tom a 100th Birthday Cake

Today a very special man celebrates his 100th birthday. 

Captain Tom Moore completed over 100 laps of his garden during the Coronavirus lockdown and raised over 20 million pounds for the NHS.

In doing this amazing feat in his 100th year he has won the hearts of the British people. A true hero just at a time when this nation needed a hero the most. 

Captain Tom has now won a Pride Of Britain Award and we are all proud of him and salute this very brave man.

Your challenge today as Captain Tom receives thousands of birthday cards from around the world is to build a 100th birthday cake out of Lego. Don't forget to include his name or the number '100' to match the years he and his family are celebrating today. Let us see a photo of your finished cake. But please don't put your cake in the oven. I think it will ruin your mum or dad's oven. 

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