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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your challenge today...
Using Lego, Duplo or other materials.... 
Build a model of a rainbow.  Remember to get the colours in the right order.

Do you know how a rainbow is formed?

We have all been making rainbows and putting them in our windows. It's a good image for us right now because we know that after a storm, the sun comes out and that is when we often see a rainbow. 

This storm will pass one day and we can leave our homes, go to for days out and enjoy our lives beyond our homes again. 

In the meantime we have to keep ourselves safe and stay at home until the terrible virus doesn't hurt our loved ones. 

Today your Lego challenge is to skilfully use your Lego to build a rainbow.  It won't be easy but we know you can do it. Be sure to email us a photo of your finished rainbow and we will feature it on this website. 

And as you build it, remember that this storm will soon be over and we can visit our loved ones again soon. 

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