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The whole community is asked to keep their infant school safe and secure by


  • Notifying the police immediately of any trespassers on the premises in or out of school working hours or of any unauthorised use of any part of the premises.

  • Notifying the police if the alarm light is flashing or the siren is sounding.

  • Reporting any unusual suspicious sightings of cars or persons in the close proximity to the school.

  • Reporting of incidents that happen to their child or themselves

      e.g. asked to get in a car, offered sweets, asked questions about school routines etc.


If you see anything suspicious just ring 999.  Do not enter the school site because Jensen Security are constantly monitoring our internal and external security cameras and will be recording evidence.   

Welcome to Dogsthorpe Infant School where every child on roll is encouraged to stay safe, Dream, Believe and Shine.

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