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It is STEM Learning Time again and in this week's 'Lego All-Stars' we took a learning journey back in time to meet the inventor of Mickey Mouse, Mr Walt Disney.
Our Lego All-Stars all went to the cinema this week to see the movie 'Abominable' so it was apt to feature movies in this week's STEM Club and use our LEGO to come up with our own movie. 
When Walt Disney began drawing cartoons over 100 years ago, little did he know that the characters he invented in his mind in 1919 would still be going strong in the 21st Century. 
Not only has his cartoon characters lasted but he has also created theme parks and film studios around the world. The corporation that Disney founded is also growing every year and now owns the rights to 'Star Wars' and 'The Muppets'. 
Walt Disney started off with hardly any money at all and using only chalk to create Mickey Mouse. But because he had a DREAM and believed in it, beams of light SHINE what he has created on cinema screens  around the world and The Disney Corporation is a multi-million dollar business that makes even more millions of dollars every year.
An outstanding achievement from one man who once had no money and now whose name is known around the world.
All because he remembered to 'Dream Believe & Shine'!    
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220px-Mickey_Mouse (1).png
Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse
The All-Stars were asked this week to use the Lego to create their own movie character, movie location, studio set  or movie script. 
All of the great movie characters from Mickey Mouse to Harry Potter all started off in the same way.... with one blank piece of paper and just one idea. Those characters were born in a book or by making one cartoon drawing slightly different to the next and showing them quickly, one after another so it looks like the character moves!
From those many pieces of paper came STEM produced movie characters such as 'Darth Vader', 'Winnie The Pooh', 'Voldermort', 'Buzz Lightyear' and the  'Abominable' movie's 'Yeti'.  
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