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Dogsthorpe Infant School presents...

Your challenge today is... 
Design and build a maze out of Lego, Duplo or cardboard boxes. 

Have you ever visited a Maze?

A maze is a collection of paths from an entrance to a goal. There are many mazes. Sometimes they can be found on farms in fields of Maize or there are others in stately homes where the walls are made out of high hedges. The walls and hedges are so high you cannot see if you are heading in the right direction and some paths lead to dead ends. 


You must slowly make your way through the puzzle to the middle of the maze where there is sometimes a prize to win. The only problem is.... there is no map. You have to find your own way without getting lost in the maze. 

Today it's your chance to build your own maze. make sure you include lots of dead ends and have a room at the centre containing a prize. Look at the video for ideas. 

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