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Every day during term time we assess the attendance registers of all classes that week.  If a class achieves 95% attendance or more it is awarded an Attendance Star.


Every time a class collects five attendance stars they win a treat for the whole class. The more prizes they win, the better the prizes will get each time they win. Extra playtime, cookies, milkshakes, parties and even a Disco are just a few of the great prizes that can be won if our infants attend school and arrive here on time every day. 

Every time a pupil in their class misses a day of their learning or arrives late for school it affects the total class score that week and reduces the chance of the whole class winning their star. So it is really important for your child to be here every day unless they are unwell.


Please do not take your child out of school for holidays during term time as this will not be accepted as a valid reason for absence. We report all long absences and our evidence of holidays during term time to the local authority who issue fines for absence.  

Please get your child here on time every day so they can win extra treats, certificates and great prizes. The Attendance Trophy is awarded to the class with the highest attendance that week. The pupil with the highest attendance in the whole year wins fantastic prizes and their name is engraved on a very special attendance shield in school. 

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