1.  In school, we operate on a ‘now’ and ‘next’ basis. This helps children to understand that something fun or that involves their own choice comes next.                                                                                      

  2. Try and use four parts praise to one part sanction. You will create a more positive home experience if you reward children with verbal praise for the right choices they make rather than sanction by repeatedly talking about the wrong choices they’ve made.                                                                                                           

 “Thank you for helping me tidy the plates away, that’s really helpful.”  


“I’m really pleased that you’re sitting nicely at the table with your feet down, thank you.”      


“Thank you for changing your choice and now reading your book."


"Now it’s reading time and next we are going to have some iPad time."

3.   Try and allow children some elements of control e.g. “Would you like to read the Wallace & Gromit book or the Dinosaur book?” “Hmmm which dance shall we do, the ____ dance or the ____ dance?” 


4.  Never phrase an activity that you are expecting your child to do as a question and always follow up with ‘thank you’ instead of ‘please’. Thank you signals that they have already agreed to do this! 


"Would you like to do some reading now?"       

"Come and get your reading book, thank you." 



5.  Use a pencil for writing and encourage children to use their neatest handwriting. 


6.   Just do your best!