Ready, Steady, Go!

Use toy cars, balls or any other moving objects. Say "Ready, Steady..." and wait for your child to say "GO!" or if they are preverbal make a noise or movement that indicates that they are ready before you roll the object. The next step is for them to roll the object when you say "GO". Can they wait for you to say "Ready, Steady Go!" to move the object? You could make ramps using cardboard boxes to make it more exciting. 



Blow bubbles for your child to pop. This develops lots of fine and gross motor skills and helps to keep your child active. Blow the bubbles. When they have all popped, ask your child if they want more. Wait for a response from them that shows that they want more - they may say more, make a noise, tap the bottle, or look to show that they want more bubbles. By doing this, you will be developing their communications skill too. 


Sort out your toys

Can your child group similar things together? You could sort building blocks by colour or soft toys into teddies, dolls and animals. If you have toy animals can they group the animals by where they live e.g underwater, in the farm, in the jungle etc or match baby and parent animals. Can they sort toy cars into one basket and balls into another? This could developearly mathematical and scientific concepts as well as building language skills. 


Build towers and knock them down. 

Building towers using building blocks and other toys develops fine and gross motor skills as well as problem solving, especially if you use soft toys or those with odd shapes. Encourage your child to take turns with you in adding a new item to the tower. When the tower is built, have fun knocking it down. Say "Ready, Steady, Go" to build anticipation and control.