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"If you want to join us... come along...  

 You will be our guest! 

'Cause that's the way things happen 

On The Dogsthorpe Express."

"Myself and Lillie would like to say thank you to all the lovely teachers and staff at Dogsthorpe Infant School. Lillie said she will always Dream, Believe and Shine wherever she goes. Here are some memories of her in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Sports day."
                                                                                                                 -  Lillie and Mum.  

Dream 1

"Thank you, Mrs Waters! You and your team have been absolutely amazing and I only wish Jessie-Mae didn't have to leave until the end of Year 6.


She has had three wonderful years at Dogsthorpe Infant School and I will be forever grateful for the compassion and consideration you give to each individual child.


We've so many happy memories of Jessie-Mae at Dogsthorpe Infant School. Here are just a few."                                                                                                                 -  Jessie Mae's mum. 

This is Alex from Armstrong Class.
Special photo memories of his learning journey sent to us by his family. 
Keep your ticket to 'Believe', Alex, and you'll SHINE brightly all through your life. Never forget our learning journey together. 
#NeverForget   #AlwaysHearTheBell
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Dear Dogsthorpe Infant School Teachers.
We would like to say thank you to all of you!

Thank you for teaching me to read, the numbers, adding, taking away, time tables, a lot about nature and singing new songs. How to listen to others, how to be kind, brave, helpful and to never give up and try it again if I fail.

Thank you for giving me so many good memories. I loved all the celebrations like Christmas fayre, meeting Santa, sports days, dressing up for book day and mad scientist.
Thank you for all of my school friends! I will miss all of you!
Simon & Family. 

"Since Emily-Rose has been at Dogsthorpe Infant School she has blossomed in a lovely way. She has loved making new friends every year.


She has enjoyed all the after school clubs especially Science; all those different experiments and making her sister's school shirt into her lab coat!


Emily-Rose loved her time in breakfast club and was very lucky to get chosen to go to the Houses of Parliament as an ambassador for DIS, she had a fantastic day and she told us lots of stories when she came home.


Thank you to all the staff at DIS for keeping her safe throughout the years, she will miss you all and hopefully she will be able to say goodbye face to face soon."

From Jodie (Emily-Rose's mum) xxx

From Emily's mum.

"Emily has had so many lovely memories at Dogsthorpe Infant School.


These include her trip to the farm in Reception and to the beach in Year 1.


Being a beautiful angel in the Christmas nativity when she was also in Reception.


Emily was also very proud to represent Dogsthorpe Infant School at the Drama Festival in Year 2."


"Emily has made so many fantastic life long friends and will never forget the amazing teachers and team at DIS.  Here is a photo of Emily on her first day in Reception and her last uniform day in Year 2." 


First day of school I was feeling nervous and Jack was feeling nervous but everyone made us feel better. Jack walked in, I walked out crying my first born was at school!


As the days went by it got easier, Jack made new friends and it was great seeing him come on so well. It was great as the years went by as he was coming home reading, doing timetables and writing and this is still going strong.


Jack loved the after school clubs and his favourite was Science club.


We didn't get to say goodbye but Jack hasn't stopped learning, whilst in lockdown he's been doing work on Purplemash and he's learnt his 3 and 4 timetables.


I'm so proud of him and everything he's done. All his awards are up on the living room door so everyone can see.


I would like to thank everyone at Dogsthorpe Infant School for everything you have done for Jack and for the family you have made our time at the school wonderful and welcoming and you always listen.


Gemma (Mum) x

From Fynn and his Mum 

"Fynn's first day at school was also his 5th Birthday so we took him to Kaspa’s for an ice-cream.


Thanks to you for making Fynn’s school days a happy memory."


This is a picture William has drawn for Miss Gattuso.


He misses her very much and is sad to know that he won't be returning to her class before September.

We want to thank you for your continuous support, especially the last three months, and hope you and the entire Dogsthorpe staff are safe and well.

From William and his mum.

When I first came to Dogsthorpe Infants I was a shy and quiet boy but you have made me grow in confidence and Believe in myself and in what I do.  

You have made me Dream of the future that is out there for me. You have managed to let me Dream in the stories and play I have experienced with you. 

I now Shine thanks to your learning and guidance over the past 3 years. I became a school councillor and have made so many friends.


There has been laughter, joy, fun and even a few tears. But Year 2, we did it together, we became a team and a group of friends.


The teachers taught us to be the best we could be and thank you for that.

I will miss you all and hope you all enjoy Year 3.

Regan  (Columbus Class). 


I liked Dogsthorpe Infant School because we dressed up for World Book Day. my favourite day! I liked dressing up as Batman, Spiderman and for one World Book Day, I was 'Cat in the Hat' because I love the book and film. All my teachers at school are friendly and helpful.

Love Jack x


I want to say a big THANK YOU!

I've had a lovely time learning with DIS even when it's been from home.


I sometimes feel sad that I've missed my time in year 2 and I miss you all, but I'm super excited to begin my new journey to year 3.


I remember when I first started school, I was very shy, but by the time I reached year 2 my confidence grew, I made lots of friends and you even got to see my cheeky sense of humour 😜


Thank you for helping me to DREAM, BELIEVE AND SHINE ⭐


Columbus Class


We are so thankful for everything you and your amazing team have done, not just during this pandemic but ever since Isabella joined Reception! 

Isabella and Mum,

Hillary Class

Kamila from Armstrong Class
Lucia from Hillary Class

A simple fact we stay on track, 

Though sometimes we digress 

'Cause that's the way things happen

On The Dogsthorpe Express.

You will find us always here

And we will never rest,

Cause that's the way we do things,

On The Dogsthorpe Express!